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First Aid Training Qualification


First Aid Training Qualification

There are a wide variety of first aid courses that are available to you so picking the right first aid training qualification can be confusing. The qualification you require totally depends on what type of first aid responder is needed in your particular line of work. For instance there are different first aid training qualifications required in an industrial setting, a sports setting or a school setting. Or it could be that a generalised qualification is needed, for someone who wishes to be able to help in any given situation.

What first aid training qualification should I take?

Here is a general guide to what kind of first aid training qualifications you could consider.

The qualification you acquire will be dependent on what specific course you embark on; some last for one day while others are spread over several days and these can have a bearing on your insurance or employment requirements so it is always worth checking this before booking a course.

You could opt for a general first aid qualification which enables you to act as an emergency first aid responder such as the Emergency First Aid at Work qualification. This is considered a national standard for basic first aid and covers all of your CPR and life support basics, the use of AED machines and much more.

If you regularly attend outdoor sports events or work in the outdoors as part of your job then an Outdoor First Aid qualification would be useful.

If you work in child care of any age then generally a Paediatric First Aid course will be more suited for you and often a requirement by employers. These courses cover all the same life support techniques, they are just tailored to an environment with children and many of the techniques require different methods or approaches.

In schools and nurseries First Aid training must be compliant with Ofsted and EYFS requirements and the training courses and qualifications needed are dependent upon how many members of staff there are in any organisation. If you work in an educational establishment you must be properly first aid trained in order to administer any kind of first aid. Please get in touch for further details on Paediatric First Aid Courses

Update Your Qualifications

Methods and best practice guidelines change all the time, and while it is always useful to have a basic level of competence in first aid administration it always helps to stay on top of the rules and regulations. This is why first aid qualifications have a finite ‘shelf life’ and why it is essential that you renew and upgrade your qualifications periodically. For example, a First Aid at Work qualification is only valid for three years after which you would be required to take a refresher course.

If you wish to take a first aid course or you want to upgrade or refresh your qualifications and you’re not sure how to go about this then make sure you get the right information you need from a recognised first aid training provider. If you have any first aid related questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.