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First Aid Training For Teachers

At First Aid Bristol we believe it is so important that people learn first aid. Especially when working with children. First aid training courses will teach you techniques that can build your confidence and give you the ability to actually save someone’s life when it counts.

We teach a broad variety of first aid training courses for teachers. From the national standard Paediatric First Aid courses and Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) qualifications to fully tailored first aid training courses for teachers working in specialist fields.

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First Aid Training Courses For Teachers and Schools

As A School, What Should We Do?

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Legally, schools need to comply with the Health and Safety Regulations, 1981.

This states that employers have a legal responsibility to make sure that there is adequate first aid provision. This applies to both first aiders and equipment in case of first aid emergencies within the work environment or on trips away from school.

Employers also have health and safety responsibilities towards non-employees so that first aid can be applied to persons entering into the school environment such as visiting parents.

The Health and Safety Commission (HSC) guidance recommends that organisations, such as schools, which provide a service for others should include them in their risk assessments and provide for them. In the light of their legal responsibilities for those in their care, schools should consider carefully the likely risks to pupils and visitors and invest in first aid training for their teachers.

The Department of Education states that it is up to Local Education Authorities and schools to develop their own policies and procedures, based on an assessment of local need and recommends a minimum provision of:

  1. A suitable stocked first aid box
  2. An appointed person to take charge of first aid arrangements
  3. Information for employees on first aid arrangements
  4. This minimum provision must be supplemented with a risk assessment to determine any additional provision taking into consideration the size of the school, number of employees, split sites etc
  5. Nurseries and primary schools need to be compliant with both HSE and Ofsted, EYES requirements

The school’s first aid needs should be reassessed regularly, at least annually to ensure that the first aid provision remains adequate for the schools needs. Our first aid training for teachers will ensure that your school’s health and safety is in good hands.

Schools should make sure that their insurance arrangements provide full cover for claims arising from actions of staff acting within the scope of their employment.

For more detailed information on legal requirements for first aid in schools:

First aid training needs will vary from school to school and there are a variety of first aid courses that are suitable, please get in touch to discuss the best option for your school.


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First Aid Training Courses For Individuals & Groups

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Practical & Engaging

Scenario-led first aid courses that build real confidence. You will learn vital skills that will help you act in real life situations and could help you save a life. We aim for every one of our attendees to walk away empowered with their new skills.

Experienced Instructors

All First Aid Bristol instructors are trained to a very high standard. All of our staff are passionate about their work and have hands-on experience working in the field, from paramedics to mountain guides. Read more about our team on our 'About' page.

Essential Life Skills

As well as building your confidence, learning first aid is a fantastic skill to add to your CV. Now required by many employers a first aid certificate can help seal a new job.

Incredible Prices

At First Aid Bristol we think that first aid should be available to everyone so we keep our course prices as low as possible. We also offer fantastic discounts to charities and groups.

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