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Welcome to First Aid Bristol. At our core we are a family run business that are striving to bring something fresh and innovative to first aid training. Let me tell you a little more about us…

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National Qualifications

We offer a broad range of nationally recognised Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications. All our courses follow strict HSE guidelines, and we offer externally regulated Ofqual qualifications upon request.

FAA / Ofqual

Optional FAA / Ofqual regulation is available on all of our courses. Please just let us know your requirements and we can advise on the best route for you.

A Brief History

Where We Started

First aid Bristol is a family run business that has been training people in first aid for over 15 years. It was started by Indie Lyndale who has spent 30 years working as a teacher, lecturer, mountain leader and outdoor instructor.

During her time working in various institutions she experienced boring and tenuous first aid training on countless occasions. This made her realise there needed to be a different way! First aid training should be exciting and engaging. Its serious stuff and when you need to act you need to be able to deal with potentially stressful situations. Sitting there through long, boring training sessions reading from work books is not going to teach you anything.

An Engaging Approach

Practical First Aid

With this in mind Indie started First Aid Bristol. Bringing together her extensive experience working in the outdoors and as a teacher she created courses that will teach you real skills. All of our courses follow the strict guidelines and syllabus as outlined by the 'Health & Safety Executive' (HSE). We also offer a wide range of Ofqual regulated courses should you need this service..

We make every one of our courses practical and engaging by using scenarios to practice the various subjects and modules covered. This enables people to put what they have learnt into practice. This is fun and requires people to think on their feet without putting anyone on the spot to get things wrong. We practice together and everybody gets something positive from these sessions.

Everyone who comes on our course leaves invigorated and many have contacted us further down the line to tell us there stories of how they have been able to deal with situations since their training.

Our ever growing family...

Meet our team

Our team is made up of passionate people who love what they do. Over the years we have grown and now have an incredible family working together to deliver fun and engaging courses that will last with you for a lifetime.

Indie Lyndale

Head Instructor

As our founder and head instructor Indie makes sure our standards are second to none. With over 30 years experience, delivering first aid and working as a mountain guide she brings unique experience to not only her courses but our entire teaching syllabus.

Claire Lyndale


Claire is our CFO and she makes sure that we are always on track. As our family grows we have more people to look after and Claire makes sure everyone is fed and watered and we have a roof over our head.

Oliver Lyndale


Oli has extensive experience in business development and logistics and this combination has helped First Aid Bristol grow quickly. His goal is to make exciting first aid available to everyone and over the next few months we have many exciting plans in the works to push even further afield.

team photo of billie
Billie Miller

Bookings Manager

Billie is a logistics ninja! She makes sure that everyone knows exactly what they are doing. From our customers to our trainers, bookings to our schedules. She juggles it all to make sure everybody's experience with First Aid Bristol is a seamless one.

Luis Joia

First Aid Instructor

Luis is a dynamic and fun instructor that brings many years of first hand first aid experience to the table. With a background in professional sports and many years teaching children, his background gives him a broad range of skills to draw knowledge from.

Lukasz Domanski

First Aid Instructor

Lukaz is one of the finest instructors working today! His boundless enthusiasm and energetic approach ensures that every one of his courses is fun from start to finish. With previous working experiences ranging from festival logistics to front of house, over the years he has had to use first aid many times and this experience shows.

Instructor photo
Georgina Bevans

First Aid Instructor

Georgina is one of the newer members of our team at First Aid Bristol. When she is not teaching first aid her other job is an active ambulance paramedic so she brings some very exiting and relevant experience to the table.

Richard Evans

First Aid Instructor

Richard is a pillar of knowledge and wisdom when it comes to first aid. He is one of our original team and brings a plethora of experience to the table. Teaching many different courses in many different subjects ensures a hands on and interesting course every time.

Trevor Smith

First Aid Instructor

Trevor is a brilliant first aid instructor who's calm manner builds confidence in every one of his students. Balancing knowledge with practical training is his forte and his feedback reflects this.


Why train with us?

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Irrespective of your line of work or background, first aid in the workplace qualifications will teach you vital skills that can save lives and will stick with you forever.

We want you to be a confident first aider, ready to act soon as situation presents itself. Whether that be helping a work colleague or a passer by in the street. You just never know when you may need to step in and help.

All of our courses are nationally recognised qualifications and upon completion of your course you will be awarded a certificate you can be proud of. This qualification will not only give you confidence and a new set of a skills, but is the also very appealing to potential new employers due to legal health and safety requirements.

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How We Work

At First Aid Bristol we take every aspect of the service we provide very seriously. All of our staff are highly experienced first aid trainers as well as being fully qualified teachers. This means we can offer the very highest training standards that exceed all requirements set by the HSE. As well as standard accreditation we also offer FAA and Ofqual regulation on every single one of our courses. This ensures you are guaranteed the very latest in first aid techniques, first aid training material and first aid teaching practices.


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are the government body that set the overarching rules on first aid qualifications in the UK. Over the last 10 years things have changed dramatically in the first aid sector in regards to how first aid providers deliver first aid courses. Advised by institutes such as the General Medical Council and the Resuscitation Council techniques are constantly evolving and improving. We stay at the head of the game by constantly reviewing our practices and in house training whilst also drawing on our own extensive experiencing working in a broad range of extreme environments. Our staff have working experience in professions ranging from combat paramedics to mountain guides.

HSE Training Requirements

As an employers it is now commonplace to have first aid trained staff. This is to guarantee a safe working environment for both your staff and your clients.
Depending on your business you can have very different first aid requirements so we have various first aid courses to choose form.
As of 2013 the HSE made changes that primarily put onus on the individual or employer to establish the most relevant first aid qualification for your particular environment and needs.
To establish the most relevant route for you or your business you should start with a risk assessment. This should highlight the most obvious areas of danger and from there the right course should be clear.
If you are unsure please get in touch and we will help point you in the right direction however we cannot provide legal advice and it will be up to you to make the final decision on which course you need.


All of our first aid courses comply with the latest guidelines from the Resuscitation Council UK and the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) Guidance on First Aid 2016.
We are fully qualified to provide accredited and regulated first aid qualifications. Should you require Ofqual regulated certification then we process your certificate through the FAA (First Aid Awards).
We teach varied, engaging content that is tailored to be relevant to your specific requirements and group.
We will continue to push the boundaries of exciting education with the use of new and innovative technologies.

FAA / Ofqual Regulation
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We pride ourselves on the service we provide. From your experience on this website, your training course and everything right through to receiving your certificate. Our reviews on Google say it all and if you require references please just ask.

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