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First Aid Bristol is a family-run business, striving to bring something fresh and innovative to first aid training. Scroll down to find out who we are, how we got here, and to meet the team behind the training.

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National Qualifications

Our broad range of nationally recognised qualifications all follow strict HSE guidelines, and we have built a nationwide reputation for delivering practical and engaging courses.

FAA / Ofqual

We offer externally regulated Ofqual qualifications upon request.
Please just let us know your requirements and we can advise on the best route for you.

A Brief History

Where We Started

First Aid Bristol is a family run business that has been training people in first aid for over 15 years. It was started by Indie Lyndale, who has over 30 years' experience as a teacher, lecturer, mountaineering leader and outdoor instructor.

During her time working in various organisations, she experienced poor quality first aid training on countless occasions. There needed to be a different way!

First aid training should be exciting and engaging because responding in an emergency is serious stuff. You need to recall your training clearly, in order to act quickly and confidently. We know from experience, that sitting through long, boring sessions, reading from work books, is not going to lead to long-term learning. That's where we come in.

An Engaging Approach

Practical First Aid

First Aid Bristol brings together Indie's extensive experience in the field, with her experitse as teacher, to create high-impact, quality training which you will remember. This training is fun, and requires you to think on your feet. Our interactive approach uses real-life scenarios, enabling you to put your new skills to the test, in the safety of our supportive learning environment.

Our proactive courses leave trainees feeling confident and invigorated. Many graduates have since contacted us with stories about how their training has come in handy down the line.

Our ever growing family...

Meet our team

Our team is made up of passionate people who love what they do. Over the years, we have grown into an incredible family, working together to deliver fun and engaging courses, that will last you a lifetime.

Indie Lyndale

Head Instructor

As our founder and head instructor, Indie makes sure our standards are second to none. With over 30 years' mountaineering and teaching experience, she brings her unique knowledge, not only to her courses, but our entire teaching syllabus.

Claire Lyndale


Claire is our CFO, and whilst our trainers take care of the first aid, Claire takes care of the funds. She makes sure that we are able to offer you the best possible prices, all whilst keeping a roof over our heads!

Oliver Lyndale


Oli has extensive experience in business development and logistics. Within just a few years, he has helped First Aid Bristol to become one of the UK's leading first aid training providers, bringing excellent and affordable first aid training to everyone. With plenty of exciting plans for the future of the company, Oli looks set to take it from strength to strength.


Bookings Manager

Helen is a logistics ninja! She makes sure that the First Aid Bristol experience is slick and seamless, by keeping an eye on everything from our booking schedule to our trainers and transport. Where would we be without her?


First Aid Instructor

Andrea is a brilliant instructor with many years experience working in the outdoors and teaching. She brings her fantastic experience to the table at every one of her courses.

Joshua Hemmings. An energetic and exciting member of our team.

First Aid Instructor

Joshua is a beacon of light in the darkness! His exuberant energy fills every space he is in and he brings a wealth of experience to the table. Hold on to your hats, you are in for a great course!


First Aid Instructor

Georgina is one of the newer members of our team at First Aid Bristol. When she is not teaching first aid, she is an active ambulance paramedic, so she brings some very exciting and relevant experience to the table.


First Aid Instructor

Richard is a pillar of knowledge when it comes to first aid. He is one of our original First Aid Bristol team members and teaches across many different courses. He brings his vast experience and engaging delivery style to the table every time.


First Aid Instructor

Trevor is a brilliant first aid instructor, whose calm manner builds confidence in every one of his students. Balancing knowledge with practical training is his forte, and his feedback reflects this.


First Aid Instructor

Luis is a fun and dynamic instructor, who brings many years of first-hand first aid experience to the table. He has worked in a variety of fields, including professional sports, and teaching, giving him a broad and practical skill set.


First Aid Instructor

Lukaz is one of the finest instructors working today! His boundless enthusiasm and energetic approach ensure that every one of his courses is fun from start to finish. With previous experience ranging from festival logistics to front of house, his confidence shines through.

Why train with us?

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Fast, effective first aiders are an asset to every home, school and business. Whether it’s knowing the safest way to respond to a seizure, or how to tie a tourniquet, you never know when you might be required to respond.

At First Aid Bristol, our courses equip you with vital life-saving skills and the confidence to act in an emergency. We keep our costs low, and our standards high, bringing you award-winning quality at affordable prices. All of our nationally recognised qualifications gain you a set or life saving-skills and, upon completion, a certificate you can be proud of.

We are committed to keeping you safe wherever you are, whether that’s in your home, at the office, or up a mountain. Our comprehensive range of courses covers everything from paediatric and mental health first aid, to CPR and defibrillator training.

The innovation and experience we bring to our courses makes them a popular choice for parents, teachers and children’s activity leaders, along with employers and those who run their own dance, martial arts, outdoors and fitness businesses. Whatever your circumstances, we promise to leave you feeling clued up and confident in your abilities.

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How We Work

At First Aid Bristol we take every aspect of the service we provide very seriously. All of our staff are highly experienced first aid trainers as well as being fully qualified teachers. This means we can offer the very highest training standards that exceed all requirements set by the HSE. As well as standard accreditation we also offer external FAA and Ofqual regulated courses. Please get in touch and we will be happy to advise on a solution for your needs.


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are the government body that set the overarching rules on first aid qualifications in the UK. Over the last 10 years things have changed dramatically in the first aid sector in regards to how first aid providers deliver first aid courses. Advised by institutes such as the General Medical Council and the Resuscitation Council techniques are constantly evolving and improving. We stay at the head of the game by constantly reviewing our practices and in house training whilst also drawing on our own extensive experiencing working in a broad range of extreme environments. Our staff have working experience in professions ranging from combat paramedics to mountain guides.

HSE Training Requirements

As an employers it is now commonplace to have first aid trained staff. This is to guarantee a safe working environment for both your staff and your clients.
Depending on your business you can have very different first aid requirements so we have various first aid courses to choose form.
As of 2013 the HSE made changes that primarily put onus on the individual or employer to establish the most relevant first aid qualification for your particular environment and needs.
To establish the most relevant route for you or your business you should start with a risk assessment. This should highlight the most obvious areas of danger and from there the right course should be clear.
If you are unsure please get in touch and we will help point you in the right direction however we cannot provide legal advice and it will be up to you to make the final decision on which course you need.


All of our first aid courses comply with the latest guidelines from the Resuscitation Council UK and the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) Guidance on First Aid 2016.
We are fully qualified to provide accredited and regulated first aid qualifications. Should you require Ofqual regulated certification then we process your certificate through the FAA (First Aid Awards).
We teach varied, engaging content that is tailored to be relevant to your specific requirements and group.
We will continue to push the boundaries of exciting education with the use of new and innovative technologies.

FAA / Ofqual Regulation
Hear from some of our custoemrs

Our testimonials say it all!


We pride ourselves on the service we provide. From your experience on this website, your training course and everything right through to receiving your certificate. Our reviews on Google say it all and if you require references please just ask.

Learn skills that could help you save lives

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