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First Aid Courses for
Construction Workers
in Bristol & the South West

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Practical and accredited first aid training courses available for individuals, groups and businesses.
Whether you are looking to just book 1 person or planning to train your entire workforce we can help.


Our broad range of nationally recognised qualifications all follow strict HSE guidelines, and we have built a nationwide reputation for delivering practical and engaging courses.


Practical and engaging first aid courses for brilliantly low prices. We believe everyone should be able to train so we have kept our prices as low as possible. We will beat any price for equivalent first aid training!


We are happy to provide on-site training at your chosen venue. Alternatively, you can come and join one of our open courses at our dedicated training centres – just head over to the timetable page to see what’s coming up.


Award Winning Training

At First Aid Bristol

We Provide First Aid Training Courses For Individuals And Businesses Working In The Construction And Building Industries

We offer a wide range of accredited first aid courses for construction workers and those working in building industries across Bristol and the South West.


Our goal is for every one of our customers to walk away enthused about their new skills and confident to act in the event of an accident. From 1-to-1 and group first aid courses to full business packages for employers looking to train their workforce.

At First Aid Bristol we can cater for all of your first aid needs by ensuring your construction sites are equipped with confident, skilled first aiders.

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First Aid Can Save Lives

Does My Business Need This?

The Health Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 require all construction sites to have:

  • a first aid box with enough equipment to cope with the number of workers on site.
  • an appointed person to take charge of first aid arrangements.
  • information telling workers the name of the appointed person or first aider and where to find them. A notice in the site hut is a good way of doing this.
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We Can Come To You!

Of the 196 fatalities reported in the five years leading up to 2016/17
(Source: Fatal injuries reportable under RIDDOR, 2012/13-2016/17)

Tailored For People Working In The Construction Industries.

We Can Come To You!

Learning first aid is a skill that will give you the ability to deal with medical emergencies whether they occur be it at home, in the street or at work.

If you work in the construction industry there is a higher risk of accidents happening on building sites due to the nature of the work. Having first aiders on site could be the difference between life and death for a victim if a medical emergency occurred.

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These charts show the most common accidents that occur on building sites and the most common cause of death and serious injury.

By far the most common cause of death on construction sites is falls from height, these falls can also lead to serious injury so being able to respond immediately to these accidents can save lives and stop the injury from worsening. Falls from height can involve serious breaks, bleeds, head and spinal injuries as well as shock.

Being able to deal with these injuries on the spot before the ambulance arrives could mean saving someone’s life, for example someone who stops breathing only has about 4 to 6 minutes before their brain cells begin to die, starting CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) will keep them alive until the paramedics arrive with AED machines and further help.

Serious bleeds need to be stopped immediately within 5 minutes otherwise the victim may bleed to death.

It will take longer than this for an ambulance to arrive so the actions of the first aider are really significant.

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Non-Fatal Injuries To Employees
By Main Accident Kind

first aid courses for construction

Of the 5,055 injuries reported in 2016/17
(Source: Fatal injuries reportable under RIDDOR, 2012/13-2016/17)

First Aid Training Courses For Individuals & Groups

What you can expect from all of our first aid courses

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Practical & Engaging

Scenario-led first aid courses that build real confidence. You will learn skills that will help you act in real life situations and could help you save a life.

Experienced Instructors

All First Aid Bristol instructors are trained to a very high standard. Read more about our team.

Essential Life Skills

Learning first aid is a fantastic skill to add to your CV. Now required by many employers a first aid certificate can help seal a new job.

Incredible Prices

At First Aid Bristol we think that first aid should be available to everyone so we keep our course prices as low as possible.

First Aid Training Courses For Individuals & Groups

Vital First Aid Skills Can Save Lives

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At First Aid Bristol our goal is to bring something unique to the world of first aid by tailoring all of our courses to be engaging and practical ensuring this invaluable life skill will last with you forever.

Check out our site for all details and prices or get in touch to discuss your requirements.

We believe that first aid is an essential skill that everyone should be confident with. Not only can you save lives but having a first aid qualification can benefit your career and help with employment.

We also believe that learning First Aid should be fun and engaging so all of our courses strongly lean towards practical learning.

Check out our site for all details and prices, or contact us online or call 0117 244 3563 to discuss your requirements. If you are looking for first aid training in Bristol, Bath, Somerset or in the South West, find further details about courses of interest by clicking the links below:

Covid Information

see our covid19 policy

All of our courses follow the HSE guidelines code of conduct and are recognised internationally by the following bodies:

G.M.C. / G.D.C. / OFSTED / M.L.T.U.K / B.C / R.Y.A / B.C.U / B.A.S.I

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Accrediation & Regulation

Our specialist first aid training courses are regulated through a variety of different regulatory bodies. Get in touch to find out more information on the qualification relevant to your situation or line of work.

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We pride ourselves on the service we provide. From your experience on this website, your experience during your first aid training course and everything right through to receiving your certificate.
Our reviews on Google say it all and if you require references please just ask.

Learn skills that could help you save lives

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