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What’s In Our First Aid Courses?

If you are an outdoor instructor, work in the outdoors or planning a trip to a remote location, a good foundation understanding of first aid is essential. Even a day out in the hills could become problematic if someone has an accident. First aid in remote situations can save lives, so read on to find out how we can help.

Further Course Info

Practical and accredited first aid training courses available for individuals, groups and businesses.


All of our courses follow strict HSE guidelines and we offer externally regulated Ofqual qualifications upon request.


Practical and engaging first aid courses for brilliantly low prices. We believe everyone should be able to train so we have kept our prices as low as possible.


We provide onsite first aid training courses at your venue, or you can come to one of our dedicated training centers.

How We Can Help

Why Learn First Aid?

In remote locations, help will not always be available, and mobile phones do not always work.
In such cases, you will have to rely on your own knowledge and resources to deal with the first aid situation.

An outdoor first aid course will give you the confidence to act in a first aid emergency, away from immediate help. It could be something simple, like a cleaning and stemming a cut, but it may be more life threatening, such as a head injury, and your actions could save a life.

Accidents can be avoided if we prepare ourselves for the environment we are working in. In the outdoors, this means wearing the right clothes for the weather, dressing warmly or preparing for rainstorms, eating enough food, and carrying a first aid kit.
As long as you are prepared, if an accident occurs, your first aid skills will significantly increase everyone's chances of a safe recovery.

All these skills can be learnt on one of our first aid courses, and will last a lifetime. Our training uses interactive methods to explore a range of scenarios, including what to do if there are multiple injured parties, and how to stratagise for safe evacuations from remote locations.
They are delivered with fun, enthusiasm and a great deal of experience from our highly trained professional team.

Learn skills that could help you save lives

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