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Ensuring Adequate First Aid Cover in Your School


Ensuring Adequate First Aid Cover in Your School

All Schools, as well as providing a positive learning environment, need to provide an environment that is safe to work in for their pupils and staff alike. The initial responsibility for providing this environment usually lies with the governing body of the school who decide upon (after taking statutory requirements into account) the Health and Safety Policies of that individual school, BUT the responsibility of implementing and overseeing these policies in further detail falls to the headteacher and is trickled down the hierarchy of staff through heads of department to teachers all having certain responsibilities too.

Duty of care

Teachers and other staff in charge of pupils are expected to do their best at all times to ensure the welfare of all pupils attending the school in the same way that a parent is expected to be a caretaker of their own children. Even though a teacher’s conditions of employment do not include HAVING to give first aid; teachers (like a parent) are expected to secure the safety of children particularly in an emergency such as in a serious accident where injuries are received. Taking action is likely to produce a more positive result than taking no action at all than simply waiting for emergency services to attend and so there are obvious benefits to having as many teachers as possible trained to give basic emergency first aid. The quick actions of a teacher could literally save the life of one of the pupils or their colleagues within the school.

First aid training courses in Bristol for teachers

The school therefore; must arrange appropriate and adequate training for staff who wish to volunteer to be “appointers” or first aiders, whether it is taking care of equipment and/or capable of giving first aid treatment. The school should ensure that there are enough trained staff to meet the statutory requirements of the assessed needs of the school with considerations taken into account such as when staff are on leave or taking part in activities such as school trips.

First aid training in Bristol or any other part of the UK should be delivered by a recognised, quality-assured first aid training provider. Booking as a group could be a great way for schools to save on costs and ensure the training includes information about specific common first aid needs within the school environment, meaning your school will be doing the best it can to protect not only its students, but members of staff too.