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Looking forward


The start to the year has been an interesting one to say the least. Back in January, times were a lot more uncertain, with not a lot of tangible information coming from the government and no clear path out of lockdown, it was challenging to plan for the year ahead. Thanks our wonderful team we managed to navigate our way through these difficult months and since the roadmap out of lockdown has been in place things have started to look far more positive.

Of course, COVID_19 guidelines are still in place and we have been following them to the letter since the last lockdown. This does mean we have a reduced capacity at our training centre, in Old Market but this is not the only safety measure put in place. We ask clients to wear masks, if possible, and have a sanitiser station at the entrance the room. All windows are open to assist with ventilation, hand sanitisers and anti viral wipes are used after every interaction with our equipment, and that’s just a few of the measures in place. Our customers welfare is of highest priority and we haven’t had any incident of transmission we would like to keep it that way. These guidelines will continue to be adhered to until the time it’s deemed safe to relax the rules by the government but we look forward to that date with great anticipation.

Looking forward to the rest of the year we are feeling positive and the outlook is sunnier, for us as a business, and in in the UK generally. As lots of business are starting to reopen this is the ideal time to be thinking about the first aid requirements for your business. We run open courses from our training centre in a wide range of first aid courses such as First Aid at Work course or an Outdoor First Aid course which you can book onto at the click of a button from our website or contact us directly. We can now deliver first aid courses in the Southwest of England, South Wales and beyond.

We look forward to welcoming all new and existing customers and if you have any enquiries please contact us so that we might find ways to help your business going forward.