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We run first aid courses all over Bristol and the South West. We run them for individuals, small groups and even larger business'. Get in touch today to find out how we can help.

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Why learn first aid?

If you live or work in Bristol, we can teach you the first aid skills you need to prevent needless loss of life, or prevent an injury from worsening. Too many accidents occur in Bristol with no-one nearby who has received first aid training. First aid training really can make the difference to the victims of accidents.

Of course most accidents that occur in Bristol are not life threatening but your first aid skills can reassure the injured, prevent an injury from worsening and provide basic first aid to those in need. Your first aid training will teach you to bandage wounds, treat burns, start cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, save people from choking and help people with common medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes and epilepsy when they need your help.

With a young population there are many children in Bristol who benefit greatly from someone with first aid training being nearby. Common problems in children are choking, anaphylactic shock and asthma.

Accidents involving cyclists have grown in recent years as more people take to cycling as a cheaper way to travel plus it is great for fitness. On our courses you could learn how to deal with serious bleeds, head and spinal injuries, breaks which could save someone’s life.

Whatever the nature of the accident a first aid course in Bristol could make the difference..

For more information check out our first aid bristol faq page or give us a call.

Popular First Aid Courses

These are our of mour most popular first aid courses. If you have been asked by your work or insurance company to get covered it is likely to be one of these. We also offer a variety of other training courses in both first aid, health and safety and fire marshal training. Read on or call us today to find out more.

Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW)
1 Day Course (6 hours)
First Aid at Work (FAW)
3 Day Course (18 hours)
CPR & Defibrillator Course
1/2 Day Course (3 hours)
2 Day Paediatric First Aid
2 Day Course (12 hours)
2 Day Outdoor First Aid
2 Day Course (12 hours)

How We Work

We take our courses and first aid training very seriously. All of our staff are experienced first aid trainers as well as being fully qualified teachers. This means we can offer the very highest training standards as required by the HSE. We are a registered training centre with with Qualsafe who are regulated by Ofqual. This ensures you are guaranteed the very latest in first aid techniques, first aid training material and first aid teaching practices.


The first aid curriculum is constantly changing and we stay at the head of the game by constantly reviewing our practices and in house training. This ensures all of our first aid courses are cutting edge and up to date and your employees will be trained to be the best first aiders they can be.

First Aid Bristol Credits - Ofqual - Qualsafe - Ofsted


As an employer it is now commonplace to have first aid trained staff. This is to guarantee a safe working environment for both your staff and your clients.
Depending on your business there can be very different first aid requirements and to cover these requirements we have various first aid courses to choose from. Please get in touch and we will ensure that the course in question is the right one for you and will cover your legal obligations.


All of our first aid courses comply with the latest guidelines from the Resuscitation Council UK and the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) Guidance on First Aid 2016.
We are fully regulated to provide HSE approved qualifications. Our regulation is through Qualsafe to provide accredited qualifications. We teach in small groups with varied engaging content tailored to be totally relevant to your specific requirements.

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