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What should I hope to expect from a good first aid course?


Many people admit that they would have no idea what to do in the event that someone fell seriously ill or had an accident in front of them. First aid courses are a great way to gain vital knowledge and skills which will enable you to administer potentially life-saving emergency medical aid.

There is a wealth of first aid courses in Bristol and other areas of the country but choosing the best one can be a bit of a gamble. If you are looking for first aid courses for you or for a group, such as your work colleagues, then there are certain things you should look out for to ensure that you are making the best choice.

Things to look out for

One of the first thing to investigate is who is providing the first aid training. When making your choice of a first aid course, you should look for a provider whose trainers have experience in first aid or a medical background as they will have the best real-life advice and be able to answer a range of training.

A great first aid training course should cover a wide range of scenarios. You will want to learn how to deal with everything from minor accidents to major injuries and illnesses. Being taught CPR is also a must in a great first aid training course. The course should also cover the reporting side of first aid treatment, as in the workplace for example, reporting an accident must be done correctly.

You should also look for a first aid course which uses plenty of material and equipment to use. The best first aid courses will show videos of real-life emergencies and also have practice equipment, such as first aid kits and CPR dolls, for you to practice your new skills on. Learning the theory is all well and good but great first aid courses will also be able to show the practicalities of first aid administration.

If it looks too good to be true…..

There are many free first aid courses available but they are not necessarily the best value. Many free first aid courses will only provide the very basic first aid knowledge. This may not be enough to help in an emergency situation so it is always worth paying for first aid training to ensure that you get the knowledge to deal with any situation.

When booking a first aid training course, do your research so that you come away with the skills to handle any emergency.


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