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What Is First Aid Training?


What Is First Aid Training?

You may have seen TV programmes or advertisements where people talk about the need for the public to learn first aid. They always say that when you learn about first aid you may save a life. This may be true sometimes but first aid is not one-dimensional; there are several aspects to it to suit different scenarios.

So, if you are thinking about taking up some sort of first aid course you may well be wondering what is first aid training exactly? Read on to find out if it could be something you can do.

First of all you need to know that you don’t need to know anything about first aid before you start! A professional first aid training course is designed to teach you from the very beginning to avoid any confusing ideas you may have. All you need before you start is a willingness to learn.

So, What Will You Learn?

A first aid training course will teach you all about how to cope in day to day emergency situations. This can be anything from how to attend to someone who faints in the street to learning how to dress a burn or laceration received in the home, right up to how to administer CPR to someone who has stopped breathing. You could learn how to use a defibrillator, which is a useful skill when these life saving machines are increasingly located in public areas. Learning to control bleeding or how to stop a person from choking are also essential skills you could learn as part of your first aid training.

Learn How to Assess a Situation

Whether you are at work, at home or out and about, if an emergency situation arises you may be the one called upon to assess what is happening and to administer first aid before the emergency services arrive. Real life emergency situations are often upsetting or even distressing to deal with but by undergoing first aid training you will already have an idea of how to assess and deal with these in a calm and helpful manner.

In conclusion then, to answer the initial question ‘what is first aid training’ the answer is this – it is an opportunity to acquire a range of useful practical skills which could be needed in any kind of emergency situation in which someone needs help quickly. Should I learn first aid? Of course you should! It really could teach you to save a life.


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