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The Benefits of Group First Aid Courses


The Benefits of Group First Aid Courses

First Aid Training can be a legal requirement under the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for businesses depending on the number of staff employed etc. but it could also be considered a moral obligation, as by offering First Aid Courses; an employer shows he cares about the health and productivity of the people in their employment.

First aid courses in Bristol and right across the UK

First Aid Courses are offered all over the UK, so whether your organisation is based in Edinburgh, York, Bristol or London for example; there should be ample opportunity and choice for your staff to attend a course and receive appropriate training – perhaps even training that is specific to your organisation or industry. It is important of course, to ensure that any first aid course in Bristol or across the country being offered and attended is quality assured and recognised within the field.

Why train as a group?

First Aid courses can be attended singly but attendance by several or all of your employees (depending on numbers) as a group is by far the most productive option. The benefits of group first aid courses from Bristol to Blackpool are detailed below:

  • Group bookings can save time and money compared to booking places individually. Savings will obviously depend on the size of the group.
  • With group bookings you will usually have greater flexibility to choose a day/time to suit.
  • When making group bookings you may have a choice for the First Aid Training to be held on your own business premises; again, saving time and money with the training being carried out “in house”.
  • Group bookings afford a much more personal approach that is individual to your employees. Training with people they know creates a relaxed atmosphere amongst the staff which helps them to feel more confident in taking part in group exercises and to achieve maximum benefit from the training.
  • Group bookings afford the chance to focus on an area of First Aid training that may be specific to the needs of your organisation that wouldn’t necessarily be available in standard training. For example – you may have an employee with a specific medical condition that you would like your staff to know more about how to treat or your business may have a higher risk of certain accidents happening due to the nature of the work involved. Specific First Aid training can help to negate these risks or provide competency amongst staff should First Aid treatment ever be required.

With all these benefits, why not consider a group booking for your next first aid training course.


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