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First Aid for Hotels & Hospitality

First Aid for Hotels We had a great day today training some of the team at the Marriott Hotel in the center of Bristol. We have been working with them…

Happy New Year from First Aid Bristol

Happy New Year from First Aid Bristol We are very excited as we are just about to move into our new training centre in the heart of Old Market, Bristol.…

First Aid Kits

In today’s world more and more people are taking first aid courses. This means more people can act in medical emergencies and more lives will be saved.  Having a comprehensive…

First aid training and sports?

If you run, or are part of a sports team, then you will probably have seen your fair share of injuries. Injuries are often an unavoidable part of playing a…

Why it’s easier to learn first aid in groups

Attending a first aid course can be quite daunting as the thought of learning potentially life-saving techniques and being responsible for using them in the future can often put people…

What does first aid training involve?

The thought of learning first aid training may be daunting to some who do not know what to expect on the course. As many first aid training courses differ with…

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