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How First Aid Training For All Shows Your Employees You Care


How First Aid Training For All Shows Your Employees You Care

A healthy workforce is a healthy business and to run any kind of successful organisation you need to have a good rapport with and between the individuals who make up your workforce. It goes without saying that a contented workforce who feel respected and cared about will repay the organisation they work for with a like minded attitude in their work – a win-win situation for all concerned!

You may not necessarily consider that offering First Aid Training for all your employees forms part of this reciprocity, but such a gesture shows that a boss cares about the Health and Safety of their staff and views them as individuals who are of value rather than simply cogs in a machine.

Why it makes such a difference

First Aid Training is an integral part of Health and Safety Procedure. Having a well-stocked First Aid Kit, and facilities if a staff member is taken ill such as a Rest Room should be basic requirement of any business. It shows your employees that you understand they are “real” people – not just numbers on a payroll and real people become ill and have accidents and due to many people spending a large part of their life at work.

It is not always a legal requirement to offer First Aid Training (HSE requirements depend on the number of employees) but offering the opportunity to all staff shows an employer cares. This is especially true because prompt attention – especially in a serious situation – can literally mean the difference between life and death! There must be no prouder feeling than having made a true difference to someone’s health and wellbeing, and not only are you giving your employees the best chance of getting the right first aid should they need it, you are providing them with the tools they need to help others, which can be empowering. A quality First aid training course in Bristol, or wherever your business is located may even be able to be tailored to the needs presented by your specific Industry and turn everyone into a First Aider, meaning that you will never need to worry about cover in staff absences and what to do in an emergency.

First Aid Training courses can be found throughout the UK from the top to bottom of the country so whether you work up North in Edinburgh or down South in Bristol you will be able to show your staff you care by offering them all First Aid Training; helping to keep both your employees and your business in tip top condition!



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