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Happy New Year from First Aid Bristol


Happy New Year from First Aid Bristol

We are very excited as we are just about to move into our new training centre in the heart of Old Market, Bristol. This is in the centre of Bristol and easily accessible for many businesses, close to bus routes and Temple Meads railway station.

Last year was a very busy year working with clients and business from across the region. From Schools to hotels, construction sites to dentists.

What is important to us, is that our clients, whether on a half day course or a full 3 day FAW leave the course feeling empowered. You will be confident to act should you have to deal with a first aid emergency.  First Aid Bristol can teach you the first aid skills you need to prevent needless loss of life, or prevent an injury from worsening. When accidents occur too many people feel unable to act. This is because they have not received first aid training and are frightened of doing the wrong thing. First aid training can really make the difference to victims of accidents and sudden illness and with first aid training you can be the one who makes the difference.

First Aid Courses

Many courses can be very dry and trainer led, at First Aid Bristol our courses are very practical and hands on.  We work through scenarios which help the student learn to react in medical emergencies. This will help you become confident in different situations if a real medical emergency occurs. You will feel more prepared and confident to act.  Students are also asked to share their own experiences as we all have some experience of medical emergencies. However small this is all relevant to the learning process.  This practical approach to first aid makes the learning points much more memorable and also makes the day fun. When students leave the course almost without exception they say the scenarios were the best part of the day. They felt it gave them confidence to act should a real emergency occur.

Of course most accidents that occur in Bristol are not life threatening but your first aid skills can reassure the injured. You can prevent an injury from worsening and provide basic first aid to those in need. Your first aid training will teach you to bandage wounds, treat burns, start cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, save people from choking and help people with common medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes and epilepsy when they need your help.

If you are interested in furthering your skills in 2019 consider training in first aid. Get in touch today and our experienced staff will help guide you in the best direction for you.

Good luck with the new year.



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