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First Aid Training for Part-Time Sports Coaches – Is It Necessary?


First Aid Training for Part-Time Sports Coaches – Is It Necessary?

YES! Any sport is a high-risk activity with accidents and injuries happening to even the most proficient of competitors. When you are offering your services as a part-time Sports Coach then you have a responsibility towards your client to keep them as safe as possible under your tuition and care.

Knowing your risks

Sports coaching holds its own risks such as when you are advising clients on how to increase performance, how to carry out exercises and more, and this is in addition to the inherent risks of the sport itself which may be anything from using gym equipment to swimming or playing football. The types of injuries and medical emergencies that can happen during most sporting activities are slips, trips, falls, sprains and collisions between participants and equipment or the client becoming ill.


Risks Involved in Sports Coaching involve dealing with:

  • Bone, muscle and joint injuries
  • Bleeding
  • Chest pain (as a result of bone, muscle, joint injury or angina/cardiac arrest)
  • Extremes of heat and cold
  • Shock
  • Unresponsiveness/Unconsciousness
  • Resuscitation (adult and child CPR)
  • Client becoming ill due to existing medical condition
  • Client becoming ill whilst training due to reasons outside of sporting activity e.g. virus
  • Accidents happening in water such as swimming


It is important therefore for anyone involved in Coaching; from referees to Sports Coaches themselves to be proficient in First Aid Training to deal with a wide range of sporting incidents that may occur. It is especially helpful if the First Aid Training can be tailor made to the Sporting/Coaching industry so that Coaches are aware of all the inherent risks of the sport and their methods of coaching so that the chance of incidents including accidents can be minimised.

Whether you are a Sports Coach working with clients in Scotland, Central UK or more towards the South England such as Bristol for example then there will be opportunities for you to attend First Aid Training courses in Bristol or across the UK that will help not only the health and safety of your clients but also your business and reputation of your business too!

An appropriate, quality First aid Training course will cover the role of being a “First Aider” including keeping an appropriately stocked First Aid kit as well as dealing with accidents and emergency incidents during your Coaching work.




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