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Construction Site First Aid Training – 3 things you need to know


Construction Site First Aid Training

Construction sites, despite their obvious potential for danger, are usually well managed with safety being a paramount concern. But, due to the nature of the work there will be always be potential for accidents that can lead to injuries ranging from minor to severe. Wherever a construction site is located in the UK; whether it’s in Bristol, London or Edinburgh – it is important for every site to be fully prepared to competently deal with any such injuries. First aid training courses can provide the knowledge that will enable potentially life-saving first aid to be carried out on your own construction site.

Who is responsible?

The construction site manager is generally responsible for overseeing and managing the health and safety risks associated with their individual construction site. It is their responsibility therefore to ensure that their staff is provided with the requisite training so that the site is fully compliant with Health and Safety first aid regulations.

Three things you need to know regarding construction site first aid training are that all construction sites must have (according to The Health and Safety first aid regulations of 1981) by law:

  • A first aid box containing enough equipment to cope with the number of workers on the construction site.
  • An appointed person or “first aider” that is in charge of the first aid arrangements on the construction site.
  • Information advising construction site workers of the name of this appointed person or first aider and where to find them. A clearly displayed notice in the main construction site hut is a good way of doing this.

There are many first aid courses in Bristol, London or Edinburgh or other areas within the UK that can deal with the specific risks that construction sites pose and booking group training for contractors or site workers before a job begins can go a long way towards ensuring the safety of the job to come. Not only will this ensure there is more than one trained first aider on site at all times, it can also ensure that contractors feel they are being well looked after by the site manager and the company that has contracted them, meaning a more loyal workforce.

With so many benefits to construction site first aid training, especially in a group setting, why not consider first aid training in Bristol before you start your next project.


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