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First aid training and sports?

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If you run, or are part of a sports team, then you will probably have seen your fair share of injuries. Injuries are often an unavoidable part of playing a sport not matter if your team is semi-professional, professional or just a group of friends playing in a Sunday morning football league. Injuries in sport can range wildly but the more serious injuries will require quick medical treatment in order to give her injured person the best chance of a speedy recovery.

First aid training can be very beneficial in a range of situations and especially in sport where injuries and accidents are likely to happen. Whether you have a medically trained member of staff on hand, or not, having your team also trained in first aid can help ensure that the correct steps are taken should an accident happen.

First aid is not just for life threatening incidents

First aid courses help to give people the skills to perform potentially life-saving first aid should someone fall very ill quickly. There have been plenty of recorded cases of sports people collapsing during competition or training and so having your entire team trained in first aid could make the difference between life and death should this happen. Simple CPR can keep someone alive until the ambulance arrives!

However, first aid training gives you more than just life-saving training. First aid courses in Bristol, and other areas, will give you and your sports team the latest training in what to do should someone suffer an injury. You and your team will learn the best practice should someone break a bone, dislocate a joint or tear a muscle. All of these types of injuries can easily happen during sport and knowing exactly what to do will ensure that the patient is dealt with quickly and has the best chance for recovery. Learning how to immobilise a break or support a dislocation will also help to reduce the pain suffered by the injured party while medical attention can be sought.

Finding a course for you all

Courses which provide first aid for groups are available so that your entire sports team can learn together about what to do in a medical emergency. Not only will you and your team leave with the knowledge of the correct way to handle a medical emergency and stay calm in the process, you will all receive a recognised first aid certificate which could be useful in other areas such as in your work.

There are no downsides to first aid training so get your team booked on to a course today.

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