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Common office accidents and what to do about them

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Recent figures report that around 609,000 people reported an accident at work in 2016/2017 and a large percentage of these accidents resulted in an injury which caused the worker to miss time from work. Even if you work in a “low-risk” environment, office accidents can happen and as an employer, it is your legal responsibility to ensure that you are reducing the risk of accidents as much as possible.

There are certain accidents which are more likely to happen in any workplace, no matter what industry you are in. Knowing what they are and what you can do about them can help you to ensure that you are providing your employees with a safe place in which to work.

The most common accidents at work

Thousands of accidents at work are reported every year and although you may assume working in an office is relatively “low-risk” when it comes to accidents, the most common workplace accidents can all happen within an office environment.

By far, the highest number of accidents at work, according the reports from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are trip and fall accidents. These types of accidents make up the highest number of injuries reported at work and can happen in any environment and cause a number of injuries ranging in severity.

The second most common type of accident at work is one caused during lifting and handling. These types of accidents in offices may cause injury when an employee is lifting heavy boxes or furniture. They can cause injuries such as muscles strain and are the most common cause of back injuries.

The third most common accident at work is being struck by an object. Although less likely to occur in an office setting than the first two, this can include objects falling from shelves or from cupboards and so can happen in your office premises.

How best to prevent office accidents in your workplace

In order to identify hazards and help to reduce the chance of accidents happening you should perform a risk assessment of your offices. This will highlight any areas or practices which are likely to cause injury so that you can make changes and put procedures in place to reduce the chance of an accident occurring.

Although, you can reduce the risk of an accident, they can still happen, and you will need your staff members to know what to do to prevent serious injury. Sending your employees to first aid training will give them the skills to help should an accident happen in order to prevent further injury. Having as many first aid trained staff as possible will ensure that there is always someone on hand who will know how to react following an accident.

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